Sep 262014
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Jeff S. writes…
I have to ask you about the Niles Paul play…not the overturn but the penalty. How can you call defenseless receiver when he makes the catch, whether or not he hangs on and lowers his head. And even if they call helmet to helmet, if the offensive player lowers his head to oncoming tackles, how can that be called on the defense. I just don’t see what the defender is supposed to do. He went low, the TE went lower.

Please see my detailed explanation on the IF site. The key is that the official felt that the receiver had not yet established himself as a runner and the applicable rule states that the foul should be called “irrespective” of whether the defenseless player lowers his head.

This is a very tough, bang-bang play in real time and the official erred on the side of caution which is what they are told to do. Finally, the nature of the hit and whether the receiver was still “defenseless” is not reviewable. So it is a judgment call all the way and a very tough one in real time.



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Sep 242014
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Emotion is a big part of football. Come out flat and it’s tough to compete. Come out pumped and you’re tough to deal with.

Washington is coming off a very emotional loss to the Eagles and could be flat. Win or lose, emotional games can take a lot out of you. The short workweek doesn’t help.

The Giants are on a bit of a high themselves coming off their first win of the year. They should be primed to build on that positive vibe.

Despite playing away from home, the emotional edge should favor the Giants. They are also relatively healthy, while Washington is banged up. Continue reading »

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