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East Rutherford, N.J. –New York Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib continued his strong summer showing by engineering four scoring drives, three of which ended in touchdown receptions as Big Blue topped the New York Jets 35-24 in the annual MetLife Bowl at MetLife Stadium. Continue reading »

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Aug 182014
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CB Prince Amukamara (groin), TE Kevin Davis (Achilles), OL Charles Brown (shoulder), RB Peyton Hillis (ankle), CB Ross Weaver (unknown), OL James Brewer (back) , TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring), and LB Jon Beason (foot/PUP) did not practice today.

WR Odell Beckham (hamstring) and WR Trindon Holliday (hamstring) were both back in action, though both were limited. At one point, it looked like Beckham might have re-injured himself, as he came out of the drills after taking a hit to the back of his leg. However, head coach Tom Coughlin said that as far as he knew, Beckham didn’t re-tweak his hamstring.



“No matter how well you game plan, it’s still the execution on the field that’s the most important thing.”

–Quarterback Eli Manning on the importance of execution.



The biggest question on people’s minds is, naturally, the offense and if they’re doing anything to fix the issues that showed up last weekend against the Colts.

The answer is yes, they’re trying to fix them. However, I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say the issues have been resolved.

Let’s first talk about what the issues are. The biggest one is not miscommunication but rather timing. To be clear, miscommunication occurs when the play calls for the receiver to run one pattern and the receiver runs another.

What’s happening here from what I can see is that when the ball is snapped, the offense isn’t moving all at one.

For example, on a passing play, Mario Manningham looked to be a smidge late with getting off the line of scrimmage.

The ball was thrown, but appeared to be overthrown. Had Manningham released off the line at the same time as the ball being snapped, then the outcome of the play might have been different.

So how does the team fix it? Practice will help, obviously, but this is also a case where paying attention to the smallest details is key.

A receiver lined up on the outside can’t be looking at the man in front of him, not when the ball is about to be snapped. If he gets caught up in that, he’s not going to release on time and the result is you’re going to see a lot of incomplete passes.

So where does that leave the offense right now? Here’s what head coach Tom Coughlin had to say:

You have some good and you have some bad. The defense wins a play, the offense wins a play. I think the idea of them practicing with purpose and realizing what an excellent opportunity this is because when you win a game and the ones play like that and you come back out on the field and everybody understands that it wasn’t the way it should be, I think there will be, hopefully there’s great incentive and a sense of urgency about… we’re running out of time here for us to play well. That’s what I’m thinking.

The next thing I want to talk about is the offensive line, where today we saw Geoff Schwartz rotate in with the twos. Do not read anything into that. Right now the coaches are experimenting with different combinations, because, let’s face it. Injuries are going to happen.

Let’s say Schwartz suffers an injury and can’t play one week? Who steps in for him? This is the coach’s way of seeing different faces in with the ones and trying to figure out who is the best fit for where.

Now over at right guard, where by the way I still think Schwartz will end up, you have Brandon Mosley trying to hold off Weston Richburg. Quite frankly, I think Richburg is the better player right now, even though he lacks the pro level experience.

He’s quick off the snap, gets to the second level with ease and hits anything that moves in a way that reminds me of a young Chris Snee.

And let’s face it: how many times have there been complaints about Coughlin not giving rookies a chance? Well, Richburg looks like he’s going to get his chance.

“There are a lot of different combinations. There’s nothing to that. Guys are going to play,” Coughlin said. “We’re trying to figure out who is on the team. Different combinations are good.”

Even if those combinations do include a rookie.



I know this is going to come as a surprise to some, but as I’ve been saying all along, receiver Jerrel Jernigan, who of course had the strong finish to last year and who was cited by co-owner John Mara as a player that they wish they had known more about sooner, is not a lock to make this team.

“Not necessarily, no,” Coughlin said when asked if the progress Jernigan showed at the end of last year carried over to this summer.

“He’s had days when he’s done very well and he’s had days when he hasn’t. I don’t mind saying the other night when he ran by the defender if he had caught that ball, it certainly would have helped us. That’s a continuous battle to sort that thing out—who’s going to be the play maker. Who are they?”

Again, don’t be surprised if Jernigan is on the outside looking in when the final roster cuts are announced, especially given the play of Corey Washington and Preston Parker, the latter of whom is getting some snaps with the twos and who can return punts, something Jernigan cannot do with any consistency.

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