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Running back Andre Williams out of Boston College talked about adjusting to being a player in the National Football League, the importance of playing as well as watching, and the possibility of spending many more years with the Giants organization.

Q: What do you think about the tempo change being in the NFL?

A:  The game is faster and I think it’s faster in a sense that the guys across from you have more experience so they know what to do. Right now I have to catch up a little bit but I have a lot of good people around me that are helping me to study the right things and what I have to do to catch up.

Q: Has your mentality changed from college?

A: I think there is going to be a couple of things that are different about it, but I think it has pros and cons. Being a work horse at Boston College, every time I lined up I saw eight or nine bodies in the box and now sometimes I am coming out and it’s only five and six, so that is definitely a positive. It’s also good to learn from the other running backs that are getting their time on the field because they are all explosive and have great upsides and different things they can do so I can learn a lot from them as well.

Q: Some running backs like to be the guy. If you’re part of a rotation, how will you make that adjustment?

A: I think it’s going to be an adjustment just because I am in a new environment and setting. I learn a lot from stepping back and just watching what other running backs are doing as well. I feel like I can fill in the role they want me to fill. At the same time I am young and I need to gain experience and I think I can do a lot of that sitting back sometimes and letting the older guys show me how it’s done.

Q: What has it been like coming into a new locker room and at the same time, you have a new offensive coordinator? How is the energy in the backfield?

A: The feeling in the locker room is good. It’s good to be in a new environment with the Giants. I feel like I want to be here my whole entire career. In terms of the running back group, David (Wilson) just got back and that is a big plus for us. He is so dynamic and fast. You saw him out there running the outside zone. His ability to stop and get moving again is unparalleled. We’re just excited that we are at full strength and we are just going to move forward from here.



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