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For all receiver Corey Washington could care, he could have 100 game-winning touchdowns at this point and it still wouldn’t change a thing.  

“I’m just staying humble,” he said. “It’s football. I’m trying to go out there, make plays and help the team win. So I’m just waiting for the regular season to start and to hopefully make the 53 man roster here in New York.”

Such is the life and attitude of an undrafted rookie free agent free agent who knows that he’s one play away from being tossed out to the street not matter how many good plays he might make beforehand.

The truth is, though that the 6-4, 214-pound Washington is doing a good job of grabbing the attention of the coaching staff with his physical style of play which has seen him make two big game-winning touchdown receptions in as many games this preseason.

His latest big play was a simple three-yard touchdown reception from Curtis Painter that gave the Giants the lead for good with 2:50 left in the game.

“It was me and the ball because the cornerback, he was kind of like holding so I had to shed him off and once I knew I had him on my back side shoulder, I could adjust to the ball and make a play on it,” he said.

“The coach called a fly route and I saw the height of the cornerback and I thought, ‘Ok, the quarterback is going to come to me and I’m ready to make a play.”

Washington credited teammate Victor Cruz for staying on him and helping him learn the team’s playbook.

“I’m getting real comfortable,” he said. “Going out here and making plays, just studying. Looking at Victor Cruz, the first and second team is doing and what they do. I have to perfect my craft.”

However, Washington said he doesn’t want to get too comfortable to where he’s tempted to let his past performance speak for him. That’s why he’s quick to forget about the good he’s done and begin focusing on the challenges that lie ahead.

“I can be a playmaker,” Washington said. “Whatever the coaches want me to do, I can do it. Just go out there and play ball.”

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