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Today’s practice was a late-day affair in shorts and shells.INJURY UPDATE

No update on LG Geoff Schwartz (toe) other than he’s due to see Dr. Robert Anderson, a noted foot specialist who has already treated Eli Manning and Jon Beason this year, early this coming week. There have been no indications about how long Schwartz will be out of action or if his injury is season-ending so we’ll see what happens there.

RB Peyton Hillis (ankle) returned to practice and looked like he was moving well. Head coach Tom Coughlin said that Hillis “did okay” in his first practice back, but did look a little rusty. If he can make it through the week and the preseason finale against the Patriots, he might still have a chance of sticking on this team.

WR Odell Beckham, Jr. (hamstring), he of the non-setback setback, remains unable to work. This is now a week that the rookie is “resting” after having made it through half a practice last week.

CB Prince Amukamara (groin) was held out of the team part of practice but he was seen doing some back pedaling and seemed to look fluid in his movement.

WR Trindon Holliday (hamstring), did a little running and some individual work, but Coughlin said he wasn’t going to speculate whether the receiver would play in Thursday’s preseason finale.

Also not practicing were DL Emmanuel Dieke (unknown), OL Charles Brown (shoulder), DT Markus Kuhn (ankle), LB Justin Anderson (unknown), OL James Brewer (back), WR Marcus Harris (shoulder), OL Brandon Mosley (back) and LB Jon Beason (foot/PUP).

With Mosley sidelined—Coughlin said he didn’t know if Mosley would be back tomorrow–John Jerry worked at right guard with the starting unit. Earlier today, Jerry expressed confidence in his surgically repaired knee holding up and allowing him to play.

“I am feeling pretty good about it. If I am called upon to go play, then I feel that I am ready to go play,” he said.



“As simple as it sounds, obviously playing a game makes a difference, for us we need to take care of our business and not shoot ourselves in the foot.”

–Running back Rashad Jennings on how the Giants offense can achieve more consistency in its play.



While the Giants were going through warmups and special teams, I took a look at LB Jon Beason, who was off on the side doing change of direction drills, sprints and even catching passes (he looked pretty good at catching passes too dropping just one that hit his hands).

The good news is that Beason, who I suspect is testing out his new orthotics, appears to be moving well out there. He doesn’t seem to have any hesitation when he moves. At this point, the two major questions would appear to be about his stamina, which will increase the more he moves, and if he’s sore after putting himself through his workouts.

As far as Beason’s status, he would need to be added to the 53-man roster by Saturday to be eligible to play at any point in the first six weeks of the season.

If Beason isn’t added to the 53-man roster, he’ll move to the inactive PUP list, which means he’ll sit there until at least Week 6.

Now whether Beason actually is ready for Detroit, the goal all along, that’s another story. At some point you’d think the coaches would want to get him into a full week of practice before they put him out there, and it doesn’t look as though it’s going to be this week.

“I don’t ask every day and they don’t tell me every day,” Coughlin said about the linebacker. “He works on the side and occasionally I’ll be close enough to ask how he’s doing or I’ll say something in a meeting to see how he’s doing. His responses have been all positive. Only one time did he say he was a little sore. Everything else has been stuff that you’d think would be encouraging.”

In other words, stay tuned.


* * *

I mentioned the offensive line earlier. Well, it sounds like Coughlin will continue to rotate his offensive linemen this week.

Most of that’s done right here on the practice field,” he said. “I had some plans to do a couple of things the other night but then I never had an opportunity to do it.”

My guess right now is the only position that’s still unsettled is right guard, where it looks like it will be between Brandon Mosley and John Jerry. I also wouldn’t be stunned if the Giants don’t try to pick up someone of the waiver wire to shore up the depth at defensive tackle.

Still I can’t help but wonder if at some point all this shuffling around isn’t going to come back to haunt the Giants early in the season.

Even though the linemen insist the communication is progressing no matter who lines up next to who, I always remember how a former offensive lineman told me that when he had to work next to a newcomer, that there were some nonverbal communication issues that would pop up.

In the case of a younger player he’d have to maybe repeat things more than he would had he been next to his regular line mate.


* * *

Ryan Nassib got a few first team reps today, but I wouldn’t read too much into that. Eli Manning isn’t expected to play more than a series or two on Thursday night, because I would think the offensive line is going to get as much work as possible. So why not give Nassib a few reps behind that first team line to see what he can do?

Nassib, by the way, continues to ride the wave of confidence from his last two games. He’s making sound decisions, he’s moving with confidence, and he’s making some really nice throws in practice. There’s still the occasional delay of game –he had one in today’s practice–but he is officially miles ahead of where he was at the start of camp.


* * *

I’ve been keeping an eye on tight end Jerome Cunningham and the ore I see of him, the more I’m convinced he’ll be practice squad player for the Giants.

He has good size (6-3, 214 pounds) and he just seems like a natural pass receiver who isn’t afraid to mix it up in traffic and who seems to welcome the challenge of meeting a linebacker out in space.

“Yeah, he stood out to me on the practice field,” Coughlin said when I asked about him. “He is young, he’s green, he has great energy, stamina and looks like he can run. He does have very good timed speed. We timed him when he came in but he has a lot to learn. He hasn’t disappointed, not at all.”

Keep an eye on him on Thursday (assuming he’s not part of the first roster cuts) if you’re planning to watch the preseason finale against the Patriots. He’s no. 48 in your game program.


* * *

The first round of roster cuts are due Tuesday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants make them known on Monday.

Here’s my guess regarding  the 15 players I think don’t survive the first round of roster cuts—remember that eligible guys who are cut can be brought back to the practice squad if they clear waivers, and that those who are waived injured can be added to IR if they clear waivers.

  1. DE Emmanuel Dieke
  2. OL Adam Gress
  3. TE Xavier Grimble (waived/injured)
  4. WR Travis Harvey
  5. LB Justin Anderson (waived/injured)
  6. OT Mark Asper
  7. S CJ Barnett
  8. DT Everett Dawkins
  9. LB Dan Fox
  10. S Thomas Gordon
  11. WR Marcus Harris (waived/injured)
  12. LB Terrell Manning
  13. QB Curtis Painter
  14. S Kyle Sebetic
  15. DE Jordan Stanton
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