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About Inside Football
Last Updated: May 29, 2011 7:11 PM

INSIDE FOOTBALL is a publication that has covered the New York Football Giants for over 30 years.

We are accredited by the Giants organization to attend all team functions open to the media, and are routinely represented at said functions. We are also recognized by the National Football League as a legitimate media organization.

INSIDE FOOTBALL is neither sponsored by, nor affiliated with the New York Football Giants, National Football League, or its member franchises. 


INSIDE FOOTBALL is a straight-forward, no-frills newsletter filled with comprehensive analysis, informed opinions, and unique features about the New York Football Giants. It is written by a team of editorial analysts who spend hours analyzing game footage, conducting interviews, and performing research.

INSIDE FOOTBALL features approximately 10,000 per issue words strictly devoted to the Giants in its subscription products. We publish weekly starting with training amp and trhough the regular season, and monthly in the off-season.

Our publication is available via first class mail or electronically via e-mail and through our on-demand section reserved for our subscribers.

INSIDE FOOTBALL is for the serious Giants fan who wants something more than the same stories and quotes that dominate the daily papers. It is for the fan who is seeking an in-depth, analytical view of the players and team, such as why a player is struggling or is doing well.

It is for the Giants fan who is looking for a fair, objective view point of how things really are, and how they could be. It is for the fan who wants an authoritative and objective information source who is present at games and practices, and who talks to the people who are the headlines of today and tomorrow.

It is for YOU... the NY Giants fan.

INSIDE FOOTBALL subscribers have included NFL scouts, front office personnel executives, celebrities, business professionals, diehards, season ticket holders, and media colleagues.

Our primary subscriber base, however, is YOU, the Giants fan. Because of the wide variety of subscriber interests, INSIDE FOOTBALL has been hailed as an objective information source and has been applauded for its unique, in-depth coverage which is at the core of its 30+ years.

See what makes us different.


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