Mailbag: Post Combine Edition

Let’s find out what’s on the minds of Giants fans as the combine comes to a close.

The NFL combine is just about in the books, with prospects’ rankings set to rise and fall based on their performances in the series of drills that took place in Indianapolis this weekend.

As we count down the days until free agency, let’s have a look at the latest on the minds of Giants fans.

Pat Says: Sure, anything is possible. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a big-splash type of signing, but I could see a supporting role type of player signing announced.


Pat Says: I really don’t think so. From everything I heard t the combine, it sounds like some team (I don’t know who) might be preparing to pay Hankins a deal averaging $10 million per year, which quite frankly is one the Giants should not even bother to match.

While Hankins is an organically grown product and still young enough—and yes, I believe they want to re-sign him– I look at him and I see a lot of the same skills that Damon Harrison has. I think the Giants probably want to get more production from the 3-technique spot that Hankins plays and I don’t think they’re going to break open the piggy bank to keep him.

Pat Says: I’ve answered this question several times on Twitter and I’ve written an opinion about it.  You can read that here.


Pat Says: Robbie Gould told me on Exit Day (Baggy Day for you throwbacks out there) that he would love to come back to the Giants. Do they want him back? that I don’t know—couldn’t get a feel for that one.

My guess though is if they want better production on kickoffs, they might be better off going in another direction—I’d absolutely positively give Steven Hauschka a call if he hits the market.

Pat Says: I think Russell Okung is on the radar. But to be honest, I think most of the guys they re-sign will be their own. I wouldn’t be stunned to see John Jerry, Keenan Robinson and quarterback Josh Johnson back. I think one of Coty Sensabaugh or Trevin Wade will be back (my gut says Sensabaugh).

The Giants won’t be in a position to hand out big money contracts like candy, but I do think we’ll see a bunch of minimum year type deals.


Pat Says: We didn’t get to watch the combine drills live—why, I haven’t a clue, specifically given that they’re televised.

Actually when the drills were taking place, we were doing media interviews with the next group to be featured. Crazy schedule, but that’s how the league set it up.

Anyway, I know Duke Manyweather, a noted offensive line guru and scouting consultant who has been a god-send when it comes to sorting through the offensive line traits, etc.  did some film work on Lamp which you can see below.

Pat Says: Why would the Giants kick the tires on Alfred Morris, whom the Cowboys are looking to trade? Trades between division rivals are rare and ill-advised, so no, I don’t think you’ll see that happening.


Pat Says: I outlined some ways they can clear cap space. And I wouldd absolutely bring in Lacy for a look. I have no idea what he'l cost, but I think they might be able to get him with an incentive loaded deal.