Reader Mailbag: Draft Talk, Schedule Talk and More

Let’s check in to see what’s on the minds of Giants fans.

The draft is less than three weeks away. As we get closer and closer, the questions about how the Giants will draft continue to grow with anticipation.

Let’s get down to business answering the latest batch of questions.


From Kyle:

Would you be surprised if Giants don’t draft a TE ?

Very surprised, Kyle. This class is too deep in tight ends to not come out of the draft with at least one prospect, especially for a team that needs one.

From Mr. B.:

In your opinion, would the Giants let and / or Eli want to, play till “the wheels” fall off or are we looking at Eli finishing with another team?

I don’t think there is any doubt that Eli Manning is going to finish his career as a Giant. Whether he finishes as the starter remains to be seen—I think they hope that will be the case—but I just don’t see any way Manning finishes with another team.

From Joe S.

Do you know why the Giants showed no interest in resigning Ryan Nassib?

Thanks for the question Joe. I think the biggest thing that probably did Ryan Nassib in was his performance last summer in which he clearly regressed in the offense.

The Giants’ current system, remember, was one that Nassib supposedly had comfort with, so for him to struggle as badly as he did in a contract year no less certainly raised some alarms.

Nassib was drafted during the Tom Coughlin regime, which at the time included Kevin Gilbride as the offensive coordinator.

When Ben McAdoo replaced Gilbride and then later Coughlin, it started to become clear that Nassib just wasn’t progressing fast enough for their liking, so rather than spend for the veteran minimum, they’re probably going to go with a younger and cheaper option.

From Charlie G.:

Where do you see SIDNEY JONES falling in the draft and can Reese draft him for a future replacement for DRC? do you see Jerry Reese moving up in the draft? D’onta Foreman seems to be a fit for the Giants if Reese misses him in the draft who could be drafted at RB? Jerry Reese never traded up in the first round but if he did so this season who would it be for?

Charlie, I truly don’t know how far Sidney Jones is going to fall, but I do know this much: I don’t think the Giants are going to draft him as the successor to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

I could potentially see the Giants doing something at cornerback either later in the draft or next year, but I’m fairly certain it won’t be Jones, not if they replicate the same principles as last year’s draft regarding taking guys with relatively clean injury histories.

I don’t see Reese moving up in the first round, but I could see him trying to make a jump up in the second round if there is someone of high interest. Truthfully though, I think at this point all options are on the table because no one knows how the board is going to fall.

Lastly, I would be surprised if the Giants draft a running back in the first round (Foreman, FWIW, is a projected third-round pick based on the various prospect ratings I’ve seen.)

From Tom H.:

Can the improved play of the Giant’s skill position players on offense make up for a mediocre (at best) offensive line? How many years does it take for a left tackle to fully mature in the NFL? Have we given Ereck Flowers enough time?

Thanks for the question, Tom. I’ve always been of the opinion that it doesn’t matter who you have as your offensive skill players if your offensive line can’t create space for the running game or hold blocks.

Now with that said, I do think the Giants improved their depth on the offensive line with the addition off D.J. Fluker. I also think they’ll add a draft pick here as well, and I share in the optimism that Ereck Flowers is going to be improved this year.

I think it’s just a matter of figuring out how they’re going to configure the offensive line moving forward, especially on that right side. They have options and a few different combinations which I’m sure they’ll try out this spring.

As for Flowers, this is a No. 9 draft pick who has had two years, one of which he dealt with a severe high ankle sprain. I’d hardly say that’s enough time to form a concrete opinion, wouldn’t you?

From Vinny:

Do you think the Giants will skip over drafting a QB this year to invest in young depth?

Vinny, I’m not sure I fully understand your question. I think it’s very possible the Giants take a quarterback this year, and I am starting to believe that the prospect they might be eyeing is NOT Patrick Mahomes. (I’ll reveal who I think it is once I take the wrapping off my mock draft, which will appear here on Inside Football as we get a little closer to the draft.)

What I didn’t fully understand about your question was the second part – “to invest in young depth.” What depth are you talking about and what would that have to do with the quarterback position?

From Michael P.:

Do you think the Giants will trade up to get TE from Miami if he falls between 12-15 in first round?

Thanks for the question, Mike. I really don’t see the Giants trading up in the first round. They need a running back, a linebacker, at least one defensive tackle (possibly two if Johnathan Hankins doesn’t re-sign), a tight end, and an offensive lineman.

That’s a lot of needs to be squandering away multiple draft picks, especially for a player who, although valuable to the offense, probably won’t draw as many pass targets as Odell Beckham Jr.

From Jeffrey H.:

Sounds like Eli’s camp at Duke accomplished its goals. Why don’t more QBs hold offseason training camps to get a head start on building relationships, coordination, ands timing with receivers?

Jeffrey, I think there are quite a few quarterbacks around the league who have held similar “camps” with their receivers.

I know Andrew Luck and I think it was either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith (when each was with the Jets) did something similar. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting or that we haven’t heard about because their gatherings flew under the radar.

The thing though you have to remember is these offseason camps are VOLUNTARY. Some guys apparently can’t be bothered setting the camps up. Some are concerned about teammates potentially suffering an injury during these independently organized camps.

Others prefer to wait until they return to their teams to build the camaraderie. Still others probably don’t feel as though they have the voice to draw in their receivers. And then there are those who probably figure, “Well, we’d be running routes against air, so what’s the point?”

From Keith L.:

Why hasn’t there been any real or even reported interest in Gerald Hodges for the Gmen?? He had a good year last year. We could use help and all I read is that he may get a 3-4 million dollar prove it deal.

Keith, the Giants seen ready to roll with B.J. Goodson and Keenan Robinson as the main candidates in the middle. Remember, they need to keep money aside for the draft picks, for the practice squad guys and for any in-season signings, plus Johnathan Hankins is still unsigned. There’s just not a lot of money to be tossing around this year on guys for the heck of it.

From Anthony:

What are your thoughts on this year’s games when it comes to traveling west? I think the times and dates come out later this month. I hope Coach McAdoo wishes get granted from the approval of the west coast games being scheduled back to back and the travel expenses at the NYG owners’ expense. It is a smart great idea from the coach.

Anthony, I’m all in favor of the Giants camping out west if the schedule allows for back-to-back West Coast games. I think it make a load of sense because as anyone who travels a lot will tell you, it takes a lot out of you, especially those cross-country flights.

We’ll see what the schedule looks like, but if they do get consecutive road games out west, I believe Giants ownership will sign off on them staying out west, as McAdoo has a strong argument in his favor (keeping guys fresh, which in turn reduced the number of injuries).