Ben McAdoo Intends to Keep Coaching Giants Until Told Otherwise

Embattled New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo, whose team fell to 2-10 on the year following a 24-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders, said he was aware of the swirling rumors claiming he could be unemployed by this time tomorrow.

But the hardnosed head coach said that until he hears otherwise from team ownership, he’s going to show up for work Monday morning to get ready for the new week.

“I’m going to coach this team as long as my key card works,” McAdoo said. “I have a great group of players and coaches, I have a great staff to work with. We’re going to show up ready to go and get this thing cleaned up, and we’ll move on to the next one. I’m going to coach this team until I’m not coaching this team. I’m going to show up tomorrow morning ready to work.”

Co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch, who were present for the game, did not offer any comments to reporters nor did general manager Jerry Reese, whose job is also believed to be in jeopardy.

Ownership has made it clear that they are not happy with the way the Giants season has gone. And Mara, who spoke to reporters last week, made it crystal clear that he wasn’t happy with how McAdoo handled franchise quarterback Eli Manning, who ended up benched after Manning rejected the coach’s plan to start the first half of the game before giving way to Geno Smith.

McAdoo, who insisted that the report of his eventual demise didn’t affect his preparation or the execution of his duties during the game, said he didn’t plan to seek out ownership to gain clarity or reassurance of his status.

“I’m going to keep my head down and keep doing my job until I hear otherwise,” he said.