Ben McAdoo to Players: Come See Me If There’s a Problem

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo generally doesn’t like to send messages to his players via the media, but after two of his players took aim at the head coach and his management of the locker room, McAdoo had an answer.

I have an open-door policy. So, any player that has anything to say is welcome to come in the front door and talk,” he said Thursday.

“I had a couple conversations over the last couple of weeks and I welcome those conversations,” he continued. “It’s hard to help a player when they don’t put their name on a quote. So, if they need some help, come see me. I’m the guy that can help them.”

McAdoo, who said he didn’t take the comments made by the unnamed players to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson personally, spoke about how he lays down the groundwork for communicating with any player who might become disgruntled.

“The first day of training camp we get together and I talk about the difference between bitching and complaining,” he said, adding that there is a difference in his eyes.

“Nobody wants to be around a constant complainer. That doesn’t help the team, that doesn’t help the chemistry, that doesn’t help anything get any better. But, each player, maybe you have a bitch. And if you’ve got a bitch, I can understand that because if you don’t, I’m not doing it right.”

Among the complaints of one of the anonymous players was McAdoo’s Saturday practice schedule—what he calls a “launch day.”

The anonymous player complained that McAdoo puts the team through a practice that’s run at 80 percent speed, which wears the team out.

“Same for three years,” he said, noting that the launch day began under former head coach Tom Coughlin in his final year with the club. “We’re on the field, usually, 48-53 minutes. Forty-eight to 53 minutes on Saturday, I believe.”

Has he heard any complaints from the players about the Saturday practice format?

“Yeah, some guys like it, some guys don’t,” he said. “There’s a philosophy to it. I believe in it. I think building guys up on Wednesday and Thursday and touching a high load on Thursday is important. Bringing them back down on Friday, recovering them and touching a little bit of speed the day before the game will get you ready to ignite and get the energy and the speed going on Sundays.”

McAdoo also noted that his team rules are no different this year than they were last year, which was another complaint of the anonymous player.

“I don’t fine players; players fine themselves. We have rules in place–the standards aren’t going to change and we’re going to hold guys accountable.”

McAdoo, who said he didn’t address the matter with the team because, “I don’t know who to address it with. There’s no name on the quotes, so to me there’s nothing to address,” said he has not lost faith or confidence in his players.

“I believe we have talented men of integrity in the locker room,” he said. “I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I have confidence in the locker room, I believe in those guys. If a player needs help, my door’s open.