Ben McAdoo: Sequence Leading to Rookie DE’s Injury “Inexcusable”

When it comes to player injuries, New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo is never happy to be given bad news about the hardworking young men he coaches that have busted their tails to impress.

But when an injury occurs that shouldn’t have happened, as was the case with undrafted rookie defensive end Evan Schwan, then color McAdoo furious.

Rightfully so. Schwan, out of Penn State, suffered a broken leg with about 1:45 left in the fourth quarter of the Giants 32-31 win over the New York Jets Saturday night. The injury came on a play that was negated thanks to a miscommunication between the on-field officials and the NFL’s officiating command center in New York.

“(The Jets) decided to stop the play and felt there was enough time to get the play stopped,” McAdoo explained during a conference call with Giants media. “The communication didn’t happen fast enough from New York to the playing field (and) they let the play go on.

“It should have been a sack, fumble, end of the ballgame,” he added of the botched sequence.

“We ended up having a player carted off the field on it, which is inexcusable, to have a play that doesn’t count, or never existed, to have a player get hurt and carted off the field.”

McAdoo’s ire and any ensuing league apology, if there is one forthcoming, doesn’t help Schwan, whose rookie campaign is over before it has a chance to begin. Initially thought to be a practice squad candidate, Schwan will now likely be waived/injured and revert to the Giants’ injured reserve list once he clears waivers.