Chatting with Subscriber Services

If while browsing the Inside Football website, you need assistance, you can request to speak via chat with a subscriber services agent. This feature is only available during the weekdays.

Click on the blue box found on the right side of any page.

This will open a chat window. Enter your name and click the START button.

You do not have to include your full name; however if you are a subscriber with a question about your account, it would help to have a full name.

Once you begin a chat, if we have someone available, we will respond. Just type your message into the box and hit the ENTER key on your keyboard to send it.

When your question has been answered and you wish to end the chat, click on the X in the chat window’s top right corner. You will be asked to confirm if you want to end your chat. If you are, click OK and the chat window will close.

If we are unavailable to respond to your inquiry, you will receive the following message:

If you receive this message, it means we’re offline and/or unavailable to respond. Please leave your full name, your telephone number and email address, and a message regarding the nature of your inquiry. We are usually pretty good about responding to inquiries on the same day received, the next day at the latest.


When you contact us via chat, certain information is relayed to us to help us resolve your inquiry. This information includes the browser you are using, the operating system, the web page you are viewing,  your screen resolution and your IP address.  This information is only used to troubleshoot your specific inquiry.

This service is not for discussing Giants-related questions.