Davis Webb Will Have to Continue Waiting for Chance

With time starting to run out on the New York Giants miserable 2017 season, it looks like rookie quarterback Davis Webb will continue to have to wait for his turn to get into a game.

Interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo announced that Eli Manning will be the starting quarterback this weekend when the Giants host the Philadelphia Eagles. He also mentioned that it was unlikely that Webb, the Giants’ third-round pick this year who was presumably selected to be the heir to Manning’s starting job, will likely continue doing what he’s been doing since the season started.

“Yeah, probably no differently this particular week,” Spagnuolo said when asked how they planned to handle Webb’s workload this week. “I’ll talk with the coaches tomorrow. Tuesday is our big game planning day now with the way the schedule is.”

Spagnuolo, who of course was thrust into the head coaching role after working with the defense for the last two seasons, said he doesn’t quite have enough of a feel for the offense right now as to how comfortable he would be if he had to turn to Webb to take any snaps.

But he did praise the rookie for how professionalism and his work ethic.

“I will tell you this about Davis Webb and I have actually been able to have my eyes on it all during the year because I happened to walk by. He is one of the most hardworking young men in this building,” Spagnuolo said.

“He’s here all the time. He’s a gym rat and (quarterbacks coach) Frank Cignetti has done a great job with him and the whole year now in preparation of becoming an NFL quarterback. There are things that they’re doing together throughout the course of the week that, I mean, you wouldn’t normally do for a – certainly not a practice squad player.

“You’re always trying to get your guys ready, but Frank has got him thinking like he could be the next quarterback in the game. I mean, he’s prepped him and gets him out there before games and they go through an extensive, I think, 40-minute throwing progression workout. There’s tapes that Davis puts together for the offense, I believe, for the quarterbacks during the week that’s keeping him in the mold. So, there’s a lot of that ongoing preparation as we speak.”

For all the preparation though and kudos Spagnuolo had for Webb, he also admitted that he didn’t see the point in moving the rookie up the depth chart.

“I’m not sure what would be gained other than if something happened to the starting quarterback he goes in,” Spagnuolo said. “In an answer to your question, there is tremendous preparation for this young man to be a quarterback in the NFL. Is it that much more of an advantage to have him standing on the sideline as the second than there is having him standing on the sideline as a deactivated player?”

So, what about practice reps with the offense instead of with the scout team?

“That’s a pretty good example. So, there you go. A defensive coach trying to figure out how to get the second quarterback ready,” Spagnuolo quipped. “I’ll talk with (offensive coordinator) Mike (Sullivan) and Frank about that.”

Spagnuolo also said that he’ll take things one week at a time regarding Webb, even though prior to the organization’s upheaval of its general manager and head coach, there had been an inquiry made by ownership about finding a way to get the rookie some meaningful game snaps.

“Anything prior to, I was not privy to at all,” Spagnuolo said. “I can tell you this: The way that I’m going to function, the way that I think we should function is to take this one week at a time with the goal being beating the next opponent and whatever is best to do that, in my opinion.”