Free Blog Post Delivery Service Signup Instructions

For your convenience, we offer a free blog post e-mail delivery service. Receive an email update every time we publish a new blog post on Inside Football.

This service saves you the trouble of making a trip to our website (though we hope you will come see us regardless), by letting you know what’s new in terms of content. (This service does not advise of updated posts.)

Registration is free and takes just a few minutes. Please review this entire page, as we have a section on how to troubleshoot if you receive a message saying you’re already subscribed.

Account Registration

Enter your e-mail address in the field under the RECEIVE OUR BLOG POSTS VIA EMAIL (FREE) banner on the right side of the home page.

Once you have hit subscribe, you should see the following message:

Please note that registration is a two-step process. After you enter your email,  click SUBSCRIBE and see the above referenced confirmation, you will receive an email confirmation asking you to verify your opting in to the mailing list.

This email usually comes within a few minutes, but can sometimes be delayed depending on web traffic; also sometimes the confirmation might land in your SPAM folder.

Here’s what the email will say:

Click on the CONFIRM FOLLOW button top complete your registration for the emails.

IMPORTANT: This service is offered through WordPress, a third-party provider.


If you attempt to register for this service, but have in the past opted out of receiving our emails, you will receive the following message:

To add yourself back on, visit, as the message advises . Choose the PENDING option, and under INSIDE FOOTBALL, select CONFIRM to add yourself to the list.

 You will need a free WordPress account in order to manage your subscription not just to our site, but to other sites that use WordPress’ commenting and email delivery options. This is a separate and optional account from your Inside account.