Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Inside Football?

Inside Football is only available via subscription. Because our publication is a newsletter format, it’s not available for sale on newsstands.

How can I subscribe to Inside Football?

Visit our subscription shop where you can place your order for the desired package (full year or offseason/preseason) and delivery method. We have a new subscription shop that automates ordering, renewal notices and delivery of your paid content.

What are the subscription packages?

We offer an offseason/preseason package that runs through the end of the preseason, a full year package and a two-year package. Postseason coverage is separate.

What is included in the offseason/preseason package?

You get monthly offseason issues. These issues are published beginning in late January/early February.  While in the past we have stuck to a set schedule concerning the topics we cover, we are opening things up moving forward to bring our readers the latest news combined with our analysis and research to provide deeper layers of coverage pertaining to things such as the draft, free agency, salary cap and more.

Your subscription also includes weekly issues beginning with training camp. Besides training camp, you will get one postgame issue covering the player-by-player breakdown in each exhibition game.

What is included in the full-year package?

You get everything described in the offseason/preseason package plus one postgame issue for every regular season game (16 in all, no bye week). Postseason coverage, if applicable, is NOT included in this package.

Why isn’t postseason coverage included?

Postseason coverage is a separate package which we make available only if the Giants have a true chance of qualifying for the postseason. We produce one issue for every week the Giants remain alive in the post season.

We do not include postseason coverage with any other package because we don’t know from year to year if the Giants will qualify for postseason. Just as the team doesn’t charge season ticket holders for playoff tickets until they know they have a legitimate chance, we take the same approach.

What’s the difference between the offseason/preseason coverage and the regular season coverage?

Our weekly post game analyses include our evaluation of those that contributed to the game’s outcome, a strategy review, and more. Published weekly, starting with the first regular season game through the end of the regular season. Our preseason coverage focuses just on player evaluations. Our offseason coverage usually focuses on a specific topic or two such as salary cap/free agency, mini camps, OTAs, etc.

How is the content delivered to me?

You can choose between print delivery and digital. Printed issues are mailed in a sealed envelope to the subscriber via first class mail. Digital delivery is sent to the subscriber via e-mail; this content is also available in the subscriber’s personal login area.

Why is a subscription cost as much as it does?

Inside Football is not supported by advertisers at this time which means that in order to cover our expenses (writer’s fees, toll/gas, printing, supplies, postage, etc.) we have to charge accordingly. To that end, we try to make our coverage unique and as thorough as possible because we want our subscribers to truly get what they pay for.

Why should I subscribe when I can get the same thing for free elsewhere?

Inside Football is devoted exclusively to the coverage of the Giants, unlike newspapers, who have a certain amount of space allocated toward their coverage. We get deeper into breaking down the Xs and Os and the business side of football than the daily papers (who have space limitations) and blogs. Our reporting is first-hand, fair and objective, and is not a rehash of what’s already been printed elsewhere.

The other thing we take pride in is running with a questions and topic suggestions by our readers. We’ve even been known to take question or two posed by our subscribers to a player and/or coach and work those responses into our coverage.

I read to the Inside Football blog, so I don’t need a subscription, right?

Not necessarily. While we do try to keep up with the news and headlines like all the other media outlets, certain original content will soon be available to paid subscribers of record.


I am interested in writing for Inside Football. What openings do you have?

Unfortunately we do not have full-time openings. We do have some select in-season openings that are paid out based on page views; however, they do not come with media access to the team during the week nor do they come with a game-day press credential.


I’m an aspiring journalist and I would like to submit an article to Inside Football to read and/or run on its site. Is this possible?

We’re sorry, but we cannot review, critique or publish non-solicited articles. We wish you all the best in pursuing your dream of becoming a journalist.