The Friday 5 with BBV’s Ed Valentine: Super Bowl Edition

It’s time for another installment of the Friday 5 with good friend Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. This week, we give our opinions about the pending blockbuster trade between Kansas City and Washington, the latest Giants assistant coaching hires, the Giants quarterback situation, and, f course, the super Bowl.

You can find my responses to these same five questions at Big Blue View. Meanwhile, here are Ed’s responses.

First a little league business: What’s your reaction to the pending trade between the Chiefs and Washington involving quarterback Alex Smith and what effect, if any, do you think it could have on the top of the draft?

Ed Says: Well, my first reaction was “What are they thinking?” They jerk Kirk Cousins around for years, then basically cut him loose and give up a third-round pick AND a starting corner for a 34-year-old QB who isn’t as good as Cousins? Sorry, makes no sense to me. But then, nothing that happens in Washington makes any sense.

I’m not sure what impact it has on the top of the draft. Cousins is not signing with Cleveland. If he were to sign with the Broncos (No. 5 overall pick) or Jets (No. 6) that probably takes away a potential trade partner for the Giants if Dave Gettleman wants to move around the board. Maybe it makes it more likely that someone like Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson slides to the top of Round 2. We’ll see. So much quarterback intrigue around the league right now.

Since last week, there have been a few more Giants assistant coach hires reported by various media outlets. What’s your take on those reported hires?

Ed Says:  Let’s be honest here. We don’t “know” most of these guys, except by resume and what other people whoa re familiar with them say or tell us. That said, I have liked the staff Pat Shurmur is putting together so far. The one eyebrow-raising hire, to be, is Hal Hunter to coach the OL. He was out of the league last year, and the offensive lines at his last two stops (Cleveland and Indianapolis) weren’t good. I don’t know Hunter but that offensive line job is an absolutely critical one. Giants’ fans need to cross their fingers and hope Shurmur and Gettleman know something about Hunter that his resume doesn’t reflect.

How much do you think the Giants inability to get any live-game intel on Davis Webb this year is going to affect what they do in the draft?

Ed Says:  Ah, the Webb question. Both Gettleman and Shurmur have said they don’t know much about Webb an that, of course, there isn’t much film on the guy. Which there isn’t. Still, I have to be believe that it really makes little to no difference. The Giants are being led by a new regime, and when it comes to new regimes they like to pick their own guy as the franchise quarterback whenever that is possible. If the Giants find a guy at the top of the draft they believe can be a franchise quarterback, they will take him. Even if Webb had gotten some action at the end of the 2017 season I don’t think it would have changed how the Giants approach the upcoming draft.

If you had to boil it down to one thing that is going to ensure Pat Shurmur succeeds in New York, other than obviously winning, what would it be?

Ed Says: I guess if I had to put my finger on one thing I’d say “relationship building.” I think Ben McAdoo insulated himself, didn’t build those relationships well enough and really tended to turn inward for answers and not trust those around him. Shurmur is older, has a wider variety of experiences, has been a head coach before and really seems genuine when he speaks.

I suspect he will have an easier time getting players to buy in and work with him, and that could go a looooong way.

Who wins the Super Bowl and why?

Ed Says:  I believe the Eagles have a chance here. They have the defensive line line to pressure Tom Brady with four rushers, like the Giants did in their two Super Bowl victories. They have the offensive line to perhaps control the time of possession.

Those things said, there is zero chance I am picking the Eagles here. First, they’re the Eagles! I’m not going there. The community members at Big Blue View would run me off my site if I did that.

Secondly, I’m not picking against Brady and Bill Belichick. They have had two weeks to figure out how to attack the Eagles, and you know they will have a great plan. I have to pick New England, because somehow they always figure it out. Besides, zero Lombardi’s is a nice number in the Eagles’ trophy case.