Friday 5 with BBV’s Ed Valentine: Potpourri Edition

Landon Collins, Odell Beckham Jr. and the draft are just a few of the topics in this week’s Friday 5 with Ed Valentine, editor of Big Blue View and co-host of the LockedOn Giants. You can find my answers to these same questions on Big Blue View.


1. How concerning is it to you is the news that Landon Collins will opt for a second surgery to fix the forearm he broke at the end of last season?

Ed Says:  It certainly isn’t good. It’s never a positive when a guy’s preparation for the upcoming season in interrupted. I’m not going to get all bent out of shape about it, though. Word is that he will be ready for training camp, and that’s good news. He will be around for meetings/ etc., to learn James Bettcher’s defense, and that’s good. o, I’m not happy to see Collins need more surgery but I’m not pushing any panic buttons, either.


2. Thoughts on Odell Beckham’s presence at voluntary conditioning workouts and the reports that teams no longer believe the Giants will trade Beckham?

Ed Says: I’m glad to see Beckham at the voluntary sessions. I also never thought the Giants were actively trying to trade Beckham. But, I’m not going to overreact to either bit of news. Beckham’s presence at the workouts helps Pay Shurmur, and it’s a sound business decision on his part. As for the trade stuff, I don’t believe anything has changed. The Giants will listen, as they should, but they aren’t dealing Beckham until and unless they get overwhelmed. They aren’t begging teams to take him.


3. There has been talk that the Giants might hold some joint practices during the preseason. Is that something you would like to see?

Ed Says: Without a doubt. I think it would be exciting for the fan base, especially if the joint practices are in New Jersey, and beneficial for the Giants to work against another team in some live drills.


4. When looking at what the Giants have — and have not — done this offseason what is the one thing that surprises you the most?

Ed Says:  A few things have been unexpected, but for me the biggest surprise was probably the trade of Jason Pierre-Paul. Not necessarily because he is a big-name player, but because it was a surprise to me to see Dave Gettleman find a team willing to take JPP’s bloated contract. Getting a third-round pick in return was a bonus.


5. It looks like the NFL is getting rid of those Thursday night “Color Rush” jerseys. If so, will you miss some of those “unique” uniforms?

Ed Says: I’m old-school. I hate college teams that change their uniforms every week. When I flip channels I like to be able to identify what teams are playing by what they’re wearing. Instead, too often I wonder “what team is THAT?” And “what the heck are they wearing?” It’s the same with the Color Rush jerseys. They are nothing more than gimmick designed to boost jersey sales and I hate them. The uniform should represent something. I don’t mind an occasional throwback jersey, but gimmicks designed to line the pockets of already-rich people I can do without. Especially when they look embarrassing, like many of the Color Rush jersey have.