New York Giants Goal: Just Score, Baby!

The calendar pages might have turned to a new year, but for the New York Giants, the struggles to score continue.

Last season, the Giants offense averaged just 19.4 points per game (26th in the league). That represented a might fall from the prior season, when their 26.2 average points per game put them at No. 6 in the league.

And much like last preseason, when the starting offense mustered just one touchdown, the windfall of points just hasn’t happened yet for the team.

We are not happy about it,” head coach Ben McAdoo, also the team’s offensive play caller, said. “We are working at it. We have to come out, we have to put our work in, and we have to improve on the practice field and get it to carry over to game day.”

The problem is that whatever they’re doing to work on it in practice isn’t transferring over to game day, at least not yet in the preseason.

The biggest problem has once again come inside the red zone. Last week against Cleveland, the Giants made it to the red zone three times. They settled for a field goal and then turned the ball over on an interception and a fumble on the other two visits.

In the preseason opener, the Giants managed to get inside the Steelers’ 10-yard line twice. Both times they settled for field goals.

Is it time to be concerned about the invisible shield that seems to be denying the Giants the end zone?

“We understand that’s where we’re at right now, but we’re attacking every day, trying to get better,” said center Weston Richburg. “It’s a process; we understand that. We’re not going to freak out about it because we’re still working. We’re still kind of in training camp mode, so we’re coming out and trying to do everything we can to put our team in the best situation possible.”

The problem with Richburg’s attempt of reassurance is that time is starting to run out on the preseason. Soon the games will start to count for real, and if the Giants are to reach the first step I their goal of winning a Super Bowl championship—that goal being winning the NFC East—field goals just won’t cut it.

That’s why it’s important that come Saturday, in their final “dress rehearsal” of the preseason, the Giants starting offense, expected to play into the third quarter, get on a roll, preferably early.

“You’re not going to win many games if you don’t score a lot of points,” Richburg said. “That’s definitely one of our goals that we always talk about is points. We have to continue to work and make sure everybody is doing their jobs so we can make that happen.”

McAdoo agreed.

“Just because you want something to happen doesn’t mean it is going to happen,” he said. “You have to work at it.”