How to Toggle Between a Slide Show vs. Full Page View

Hate slide shows and multi-page posts? Now you get to choose how you view Inside Football’s web content.

The mere thought of clicking through a slide show is enough to drive many people away from a web site. Well, we at Inside Football want you to read our content, so we are giving you a choice as to how you view the posts and pages we publish.

We split posts into multiple screens when we have a a lot of content. This helps make the material easier to digest.

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine if our post/page is a slide show. You can do that by scrolling all the way down to the end. If it’s a split post, you will see additional links at the end of the content, as follows:

The first number indicates what slide you are on; the second, how many slides (or split screens) are in the article. You can navigable forward by clicking on the NEXT button (as you navigate past the first screen, you’ll see a PREVIOUS button show up to the far left side, just above VIEW FULL POST).

If you want to view everything on one page, click VIEW FULL POST link and the screen will bring all the “slides” onto one page.

If after choosing VIEW FULL POST you decide you’d rather go back to the split post (slideshow) format, simply scroll all the way down to the end of the page and click on the VIEW AS SLIDESHOW link.


There is no global setting available currently available for a reader to specify full page or slideshow as their default; you will have to make your selection on a case-by-case basis.

If you are looking to print the entire post, please click on the VIEW FULL POST option to get all of the content. If you do not, you will only get a printout of whatever split you happen to be on.