Wayne Gallman is Hungry for Carries

Fourth-round running back Wayne Gallman plans to bring his hunger to the Giants offense both on and off the field. 

Rookie running back Wayne Gallman hopes to add about five more pounds to his frame, listed at 6’0, 211 pounds.

The Giants fourth-round running back might not have to look too far for held to accomplish that goal, as he’s taken a shining to the food served in the Giants cafeteria.

“That food is great,” he said when asked what’s jumped out at him since coming to the Giants. “That food is awesome. I just know that what they made, I’ve been very satisfied.”

One of the big hits as far as Gallman was concerned was the meatloaf dinner served to the rookies Thursday night when they arrived.

“Not everyone can make meatloaf,” Gallman said. “Clemson don’t make meatloaf like that.”

Food aside, Gallman, who said that Odell Beckham Jr. was one of the first Giants veterans he heard from after being drafted, is ready to roll up his sleeves and bring to the field a diverse skill set that includes special teams, pounding the rock, receiving and pass protection.

“I just think I’m a back that can do anything a team needs, whether that’s contributing on special teams or getting some reps in there at running back, I’m gonna do the best I can at anything I do,” he said.

It helps that Gallman can settle down at one spot and not have to worry about travelling and working out on different turfs, something he admitted was stressful.

“I’m happy to be where I am. I’m really happy I graduated then left, so I don’t have to go back to school,” he said. “But it’s all a blessing in itself.”

[graphiq id=”bqI2TbSE8qV” title=”Wayne Gallman Rushing vs. Receiving Yards (2016)” width=”600″ height=”596″ url=”https://sw.graphiq.com/w/bqI2TbSE8qV” frozen=”true”]

Gallman, who spent three seasons at Clemson, finished the 2016 season with 1,133 yards on 232 carries and 17 rushing touchdowns.

By contrast, the Giants running backs combined to score only six touchdowns on the ground in 2016.

Gallman, who won a national title at Clemson, hopes to bring some of that championship aura with him into the Giants locker room.

“They believe I can help them win championships, the Super Bowl of course,” he said after the rookies completed a morning walk-through. “When they tell me that, that just makes me want to put that much more work in with whatever I’m doing, whether it’s earning the playbook or just getting on the field.”

Gallman is clearly hungry for life in the NFL. And if the big physical downhill runner can help rejuvenate a Giants running game that finished 29th last year, it won’t be long before the team is feeding him all the carries and meatloaf he desires.