Janoris Jenkins Explains Last Week’s Early Departure

New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who last week left the playing field for the locker room with about 40 seconds to go, clarified Thursday that he thought the game was over.

It wasn’t, s the Giants called a timeout, but Jenkins explained that the timeout caught him off guard.

“I didn’t expect the timeout to be called, so I just walked in, as if everybody was going on the field, the game was over and I just went in,” he said Thursday.

After the game, Jenkins was seen leaving the locker room early. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo emerged from the locker room to ask reporters gathered outside and waiting to enter if they had seen Jenkins. When pointed in the direction where Jenkins had departed, Spagnuolo took off after his cornerback down the hall. It’s unclear if Jenkins early exit was the reason for Spagnuolo’s pursuit.

Spagnuolo said that his pursuit of Jenkins after the game had nothing to do with the cornerback’s leaving the field early.

Jenkins said he had a couple of conversations with head coach Ben McAdoo to clear up any confusion about his actions. “He came to me and asked me and I told him,” Jenkins said, adding that he conversed with McAdoo on Tuesday and again Thursday. “We had a nice little talk and that was it.”

Jenkins also seemed surprised when reporters asked if he received a punishment, especially after teammate Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was suspended definitively by the team for having violated team rules believed to be tied into his leaving the team’s bench area during the game int he second half and then leaving the facility on Wednesday before meetings.

I mean, why would there be a punishment?” Jenkins said before adding, “No comment.”

Jenkins, who refused ot answer questions about Rodgers-Cromartie, said it’s important for the players to stick together in times like these.

“We know adversity is going to hit from all types of angles,” he said. “We’re still together. People try to call distractions, but keep our head together, stay tight and stay together.

On how they proceed without Rodgers-Cromartie, Jenkins said, “Next man up. We understand the situation. Like I said, next man up. Everybody has to be prepared. Just tell (his teammates) to go out and play to the best of their ability. Give it all they’ve got.

“I’m with them 100 percent, whatever the situation or the outcome may be. But just let me know that you gave it your all. Just focus on football. Just worry about what’s going on in football, in the locker room, in the meeting room, and everything will be okay.”