McAdoo Continues to Insist Giants Didn’t Quit vs. Rams

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo finally had a chance to review the tape from Sunday’s 51-17 debacle against the Los Angeles Rams, and in doing so, he concluded, just as he had in his postgame press conference, that the team didn’t quit despite the lopsided score.

I watched the film. I saw no sign of quit,” he said during his Monday conference call with reporters.

McAdoo, who this season has on more than one occasion praised his team for how well it has prepared during the week, did so again Monday when he was asked why all the work that had been done over the bye didn’t transfer to the playing field.

“I felt we had a good week of preparation. I felt we were ready to play,” he said. “When you combine the turnovers the way we turned the ball over giving them possession of the ball on average at the 41-yard line, putting your defense in a bad spot, struggling to protect the punter, punting the ball down the middle of the field then struggling to cover on their returns. It makes it real challenging on your football team.”

McAdoo’s Giants, and especially the defense, have come under fire for looking lackluster in the trouncing. In that game, the Giants pass defense allowed five big pass plays of 20 or more yards, including a 52-yard touchdown reception by receiver Robert Woods that came on 3rd-and-33, a play in which Giants cornerback Eli Apple appeared tentative in his pursuit.

The third-and-long was a, you know, there are pre-snap, we could have aligned better. Post-snap, we could have attacked better,” McAdoo said. “Our pursuit and our angles to the ball could have been better and as far as Eli (Apple) goes, he needs to attack and tackle right there.

“But,” he added, “it’s more than just one guy.”

McAdoo was then asked what he might look for if he suspected a player quit.

Just giving up on plays,” he said. “Signs of change in speeds…loafs–something that I wouldn’t recognize from our group. Our guys played hard. They fought until the end.”

If the team didn’t quit, then is the talent the problem?

We’re only half way through the season; we got a lot of football left to play,” McAdoo said. “Everything is fixable. Everything will be addressed. Coaches, we need to put a good plan together, put players in a position to be successful. Players need to prepare to go out and execute the plan on Sunday.”

If the players haven’t yet quit, might they soon start to check out if the losing continues?

“Listen, this is pro football, this is our job. We get paid very well to do this job,” he said. “We only have 16 opportunities to go out and compete and this is one of them. We get to go to the west coast, planning to compete. And I expect the players to be excited.”



McAdoo said he hadn’t yet scheduled a meeting with suspended cornerback Janoris Jenkins and was unsure if that meeting would take place Tuesday. “I’ll meet with him when I get a minute.,” McAdoo said.

McAdoo on his famous “Um” comment when asked in his postgame press confernce what his halftime message was to his team: “I was trying to figure out where the question was coming from. Then, my thought was some things are better left unsaid.”