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Patricia Traina: Senior Editor

Patricia Traina’s earliest memories of Giants football started at the tail end of the dark period known to Giants fans as the “15 Years of Lousy Football.”

She vividly recalls the “Fumble,” yet surprisingly, that game didn’t discourage her curiosity about the game or the franchise.

Patricia’s interest in Giants football increased with the new era ushered in by George Young and Phil Simms, combined with enjoying Sunday afternoons watching a group of oversized men knock each other over for a funny-looking brown ball.

With her interest in football growing like an all-out blitz, she decided to combine that interest with a love of writing by launching her sports writing odyssey at Rutgers University’s Daily Targum.

During her two years as a sports writer, she covered football, baseball, tennis and fencing, with football always being her first love.

After school, Patricia unfortunately had a moment of weakness in which she turned down a chance to interview for a position in the NFL’s  communications department, a weakness that proved that no, mother doesn’t always know what’s best.

Instead, she went to work in the advertising/marketing industry, while moonlighting as a weekly columnist for  the now-defunct Giants Extra.

It was a “Letter to the Editor” that brought Patricia to the attention of “Dr. L.,” the founding editor/publisher of Inside Football. Having discovered the uniqueness of the publication by accident and wanting to learn more about the game, she contacted Dr. L. after reading of his interest in developing a website for the publication.

One corned beef on rye sandwich later proved to be the starting point of a long, productive relationship with Dr. L. and Inside Football, one that exists to this day.

Patricia was hired as a stringer who primarily wrote feature stories. She was  also tasked with developing and managing the very first Inside Football  website.

When the publication was sold to Adam Epstein in 1997, he promoted Patricia to Senior Editor. In that role, she took charge of producing each issue and modernizing it to include digital delivery and electronic production.

In her new role, she also established a presence with the Giants organization at a time when women sportswriters were as rare as a Giants gadget play on special teams.

To this day, Patricia continues to strengthen and build productive working relationships with everyone  associated with the game, including players, media, coaches, front office personnel, league personnel, agents, sponsors and, most importantly, the fans.

Having chosen band camp over football camp–Patricia failed to make weight in her dream of becoming the next Lawrence Taylor–she has made it a point to learn more of the intricacies by doing research, watching film, and (probably) annoying those who have played/coached it with endless questions.

Whereas many women might prefer to curl up on the couch with a good romance novel or to catch a “chick flick,” Patricia’s idea of relaxing is to fire up her iPad and watch All-22 film as made available through NFL Game Pass.

An avid user of social media, Patricia has developed many solid working relationships around the NFL. This has allowed her to tap into this vast network to gain further insight into the personalities and stories, and to present those to readers.

It has also allowed her to interact with the fans to gain a better understanding of what they want to read, and what questions they would like the players and coaches to answer.

A cancer survivor who attacked that disease the way Steve Spagnuolo’s 2007  and 2016 defenses attacked opposing quarterbacks, Patricia has since began to earn recognition for her work and knowledge of the team.

She has been specifically sought to provide editorial coverage of the Giants for other outlets, including The Sports Xchange (national wire service) Lindy’s Pro Football Annual Preview (Giants/Jets issue),  NFL Spin Zone, the Journal Inquirer (Central Connecticut), Bleacher Report, and the BBC Sportsworld.

She has also been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, including WFAN with Lori Rubinson, The Rob Dibble Show on 97.9 ESPN (Hartford, CT), The Drive on ESPN 980 (Washington, DC), Sports Saturday with Jeff Paul  (101.3, ESPN Radio), Sirius XM Bleacher Report Radio,  and Giants 1st and 10 (MSG Network).

Patricia enjoys mentoring aspiring sports writers.

Mike Iannaconi, Senior Analyst, Managing Partner

Mike Iannaconi’s earliest memories of Giants football include making the long trip to the Yale Bowl to attend home games.

So it wasn’t by accident—or maybe it was — that his choice of Pace University in Pleasantville, NY for his undergraduate studies put him in the same place as where the Giants held their annual summer training camp from 1975 to 1987.

While a student at Pace University, Mike met “Dr. L.,” the founding Editor/Publisher of Inside Football. Although Dr. L. wasn’t overly impressed with Mike’s football skills, he did think that Mike had a promising future as a football writer given his keen eye for the game.

Trading in his helmet for a pen and paper, Mike began a writing career with Inside Football, and is its longest team member.

Mike’s experience has covered the highs and lows. He has covered all four Giant Super Bowl victories,  lived through the Ray Handley era (or is that error?), and survived the roller coaster ride of Jim Fassel’s regime.

Before becoming a part owner of Inside Football in July 2015, Mike has provided his expertise in covering the action in the secondary (wide receivers and defensive backs).

He applies his knowledge of the game going beyond a simple throw and catch of a pass by getting inside the play to describe how and why the play’s outcome developed, and how it affected the game.

He also shares his expertise in evaluating the individual match-ups, a critical area of analysis given that each play consists of many battles. To that end, his weekly “I on Strategy” column is a cornerstone of the subscriber-only content.

Despite his long tenure with the publication, Mike becomes as excited as a rookie fresh out of college for each new season.

Whether he is trying to determine which young hopefuls have the best chance of making the final 53-man roster or anticipating how the Giants might plan their defensive strategy in the first round of the playoffs, Mike finds every nuance of this game fascinating.

Mike has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Pace University and is a Certified Public Account. He and his wife Jennifer, whom he met at Pace University, have been married more than 20 years and have two children, Emily, who has interned for Inside Football, and Michael.

Bob Folger, Senior Analyst

Bob Folger has developed a reputation for delivering insightful analyses of game strategies, positional breakdowns, and game-day player performance. Over the years, his primary focus has been on the play in “the trenches,” the area of the field where traditionally most games are decided.

Bob has also learned to recognize the importance of every unit of the team, expanding his focus to include written analyses of the special teams, the offensive backfield, the tight ends, and the linebacker corps.

His affinity for film study is perhaps his greatest resource. His ability to recognize and interpret the subtleties of the game has earned him a reputation for the “less obvious.”

He believes that there is a reason for everything that happens on the field, and prefers to eschew the “knee-jerk” for a more balanced reaction to what he sees.

His writing style reflects a mix of level-headedness and impatience. In his reports, he identifies the performances of the under-achievers as well as the over-achievers.

Whether it’s Opening Day or the final game of a lost season, Bob still gets excited as each kickoff approaches. He not only enjoys the spirit of the competition, but he revels in each game’s unpredictability.

His passion for game day, the New York Giants, and the league is reflected in the intense, no-nonsense tone of his game reports in which he attempts to share the intensity of his game experiences with the readers.

Bob received a bachelor’s degree from Jersey City State College in Special Education. He has been married for more than 30 years to a woman he considers a “saint,” and is the father of two children, including a son, Sean, an aspiring sports writer who interned with Inside Football.

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