New York Giants Reader Mailbag | The “Can It Get Any Worse?” Edition

The weather in the northeast is getting colder and colder, much like the New York Giants  record, which took another hit after last week’s dismal showing against the 49ers.

Fans aren’t happy–who could blame them? Fans are also ready for changes. But will there be changes? We’ll explore that and other questions in this week’s mailbag.

Pat Says:  I don’t know the specific details as to who does what in the draft process other than I believe Marc Ross sets up the board. My understanding is that the draft selection process is a group effort with Jerry Reese breaking any ties and ownership signing off on the picks. Beyond that, I am not really sure what Chris Mara’s exact role on draft day is other than to weigh in during the discussions they have.

Pat Says: I think they have the right attitude and I’m hoping it translates, but then again, they’ve been saying all the right things now since the start of the season and it’s gotten them nowhere. (Talk is cheap, yanno?)

I do know this much: If I’m McAdoo and I see ANYONE not giving full effort Sunday, I put his backside on the bench for the rest of the year and I don’t look back. Yes, it might be too little too late, but at some point, take a stand and send a message that this isn’t going to be tolerated.

Pat Says: I suppose—any given Sunday right? I mean, I hope it won’t be that bad and I don’t think it’s going to be that bad, but we’ll see.

Pat Says: That wouldn’t surprise me, actually. I would think they’d rather go with guys who have been healthy all along, but I think it also depends on the injury situation moving forward. But if you look at how they’ve been staffing the position when the injuries have popped up, they’ve gone back to guys who have played in the system before,., They’re fast running out of those guys, so I do think if Thomas is healthy, he makes sense.

Pat Says: Nothing’s set in stone, but my guess is they field their seventh different starting combination this weekend, with Chad Wheeler making his first NFL start at right tackle across Justin Houston. Otherwise, my guess is  the rest of the line is the same as last week–Flowers, Jerry, Jones and Fluker from left to right.

Pat Says: Darkwa is always going to have a role against any team so long as he’s healthy, but with that said, the Chiefs are a better run defense team. So my guess is the Giants are going to feature the passing game a bit more to hopefully take advantage of some of those struggles.

Pat Says: I’ve liked Darkwa since his first year. He’s a quiet, hard-working type, but he’s had injury issues in the past that I think got in the way of him breaking out sooner.

Would I bring him back next year? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t break the bank to keep him. The Giants use a committee approach at running back, so you don’t go blowing a boatload of cash on a running back when you have other more pressing needs to address.

Pat Says: I truly believe that is the plan every time. It’s just a matter of getting it done. When it doesn’t happen, most times that’s on the kicker. Sometimes though there are other factors, e.g. kicking into the wind, rain, etc. But I do think if special teams coordinator Tom Quinn had his choice, he’d have the ball kicked out of the end zone every time.

Pat Says: Yes, I’ve said this before . What’s interesting is that in looking at Frank Cignetti’s comments yesterday, you get the sense that Webb is still a long ways away from being ready.

If this organization tears everything down after this year, would Webb be ready to start next year? I don’t get that sense as of now.

The other problem is that the coaching staff isn’t ready to cry Uncle and give up on the season so as long as Eli Manning is healthy, he’ll be behind center.

Further complicating things, if they tear everything down and get a new coaching staff, who’s to say that the new staff will want Webb as their quarterback moving forward? So there’s a lot of moving parts to this question that need to be settled.

Pat Says: I think given the emergence of Brett Jones at center plus the fact that he’ll be a RFA next year (and hence cheaper to re-sign) makes Richburg expendable.

As for Pugh, we’ll see what happens with his back, but if I’m the Giants, I re-sign him, but I also put a per-game roster bonus into his contract to where if he is inactive on game day due to injury, then that’s a cap credit the team gets back at the end of the year. If he’s active, then that’s more money in his pocket.

Pat Says: I think there will be changes for sure. Will they tear everything apart? I think there is enough talent on this team worth retaining, but that all depends on if there is a change at GM and at head coach.

I think there is some dead weight that needs to go regardless, but I am not so sure the Giants take the same approach that the Jets took this offseason. But we’ll see.

Pat Says: I don’t know what co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch are thinking, but given Reese’s record, I can’t see how they can continue to justify keeping him as the general manager.

As I have said before, they have changed offensive and defensive coordinators and the head coach in the last three years. How many playoff games have they won in that span? Zero.

What’s their record in that span? It’s 31-42, and they’ve had a winning season only once, that being last year. And what’s the common denominator in those seasons? The general manager, who is supposed to build the roster and fix the glaring weaknesses.

I truly can’t see how anyone can justify that record and keep Reese in his current position. This team has won one playoff game since 2010 (the 2011 postseason run). It’s had numerous Day 3 draft picks not work out—those are your depth guys and potential future starters.

They’ve had to overspend on other free agents to make up for their failed picks which I believe has cost them the chance to keep their own picks that did work out.  And the roster, particularly on offense, is a patchwork of mismatched units as I see it.

Overall, the roster building process isn’t acceptable if your goal is to be in the postseason every year. But again, we’ll see how the owners view it. If they’re happy with things as they are and think that they have stability, then Reese will be back.

Personally, I don’t see how you can argue you have stability if you have the record this team has over multiple seasons.

Pat Says: I’ll say the defense as a whole only because with most of the same personnel and the same scheme, I figured it would be even better. I’m not ready to make a pick on an individual player at this point—ask me again at the end of the year.