New York Giants Notebook: Mandatory Minicamp Day 1

Sometimes when a young player is drafted at his position, an older veteran might get nervous about his immediate future with the team.

Not New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who has, throughout his career, adopted Alfred E. Neuman’s catch phrase, “What, me worry?” for just about every unexpected situation.

The franchise quarterback, who is as secure in his position as any player there is on the roster, has been very welcoming and helpful of rookie Davis Webb, drafted in the third round this year, the highest drafted quarterback by the Giants since 2004 when they took Phillip Rivers in the first round before trading him to San Diego to get Manning.

“You know Davis has done a good job just learning the offense,” Manning said Tuesday. “He throws the ball well, so now it’s just, for a young guy, it is just learning the system, learning the in’s and out’s, and getting reps and he has done a good job picking up things quickly.”

When asked for his personal reaction when the Giants drafted Webb, who is thought to be the heir to Manning’s throne, the veteran just shrugged.

“Well, once they drafted him, nothing to say different than drafting a defensive lineman or a linebacker I’d say, so I’m fine,” he said.

“We drafted a quarterback four years ago with Ryan Nassib so I understand they have to draft a quarterback and they have to draft players on the board who are going to help out down the road.”

In other words, “What, me worry?”

Beckham, Engram Bond

Although receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t been around much this spring, that didn’t stop him from reaching out to new teammate Evam Engram to begin a bonding process.

“When he came out to the rookie premiere and I was out there training in L.A. I got to meet up with him,” Beckham said. “I took him out to eat and we just got to hang out for a couple days and we were just talking and he seems really excited about it.

“I was telling him how excited I am to have him here, a guy who – it reminds me of when the Saints had Jimmy Graham and they would line him up on the outside and create nightmare mismatches and Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] and put him on the outside.”

Beckham smiled when talking about the possibilities for his young teammate.

“He is a real hybrid. If you put him out there and you have a safety guard him that is going to be trouble, if you put him out there and you have a linebacker guard him that is going to be trouble and from what I have been hearing he has even tortured corners,” Beckham said.

“So, I am really looking forward to seeing him develop and how his game is going to evolve and just what he can bring to the table. I know he is a special talent; he came out of the SEC, so I already know he is a beast.”

Speaking of young teammates, Beckham also spoke warmly of second-year receiver Sterling Shepard.

“He has such a bright future ahead of him and he puts that smile on your face,” Beckham said. “It reminds me of when I was young, it was my second year in the league. You are just so happy to be here and to be happy to do what he is doing, so it is reassuring to see that from him.”