New York Giants Reader Mailbag: Post Offseason Program Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done a mailbag here on Inside Football, so let’s take a quick temperature check to see what’s on the minds of Giants fans after the team’s conclusion of the offseason football program.

Pat Says: What’s up James? Chad Wheeler is not eligible for the practice squad; once a player is on the 53-man roster for six games in any one season, that wipes out his practice squad eligibility.

And yes, R.J. McIntosh could end up on IR if his issue isn’t resolved, but I don’t think they want to go that path—I believe that if he isn’t ready, they’ll look at active/PUP first.

Pat Says: Thanks for the question, which is similar to the previous question. I’ve included here because there is no such thing as “rookie PUP.” (I contributed a “summer school” article over on Big Blue View explaining who’s eligible for PUP and how that works, so be sure to check that out when it comes out.)

Pat Says: Hey Chris, how goes it? I do not think they will be brining Rodgers-Cromartie back UNLESS there is a rash of injuries at the position. If anything, I have a strong feeling that Rodgers-Cromartie may sign with Washington.

Pat Says: Hey Ryan. My guess is after the July 4th holiday week.

Pat Says: Fantastic question Greg; thank you. I think they’ll keep five—Beckham, Shepard, Latimer and Sharp would be my first four based on how the spring went. As for that fifth spot, I’m not sure just yet. I think Roger Lewis is on the bubble. And I’m not sure if there will be a spot for Travis Rudolph. So we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Pat Says: I assume you mean Will Hernandez? Look, the kid is tough and doesn’t back down to anyone. That’s what you want to see in your offensive linemen, so if he’s getting under people’s skin while a play is going on, isn’t that a good thing?

Pat Says: Hey, hey, J.J. Technically all teams are involved in the supplemental draft, but if you’re asking me if they’ll make a pick, then I doubt it. Remember: If you use a pick in the supplemental draft, you give up that pick in the following spring’s draft. And just by gauging how Dave Gettleman has done business so far, it looks to me as though he wants to keep his draft picks as bargaining chips if necessary.

Pat Says: My gut feeling is Gallman will be a third down back. If I recall correctly, he had the bet pass blocking rate last year per Pro Football Focus, and there were many times when I thought to myself that he had similar skills to that of Shane Vereen (which is probably why Vereen wasn’t re-signed).

Pat Says: Thanks for the question Joe. I’ve outlined what I think will happen (including money, contract structure and timing) in this article. Nothing that has been reported since that article was written has persuaded me to revise the information presented in that piece.

Pat Says: Not much to see here just yet (this largely due to the sight lines that the media has int he spring vs. what we get int he summer).  Circle back to me in training camp, as I should have some nuggets for you.

Pat Says: Hey Darrin, here is a very, very early guess: Tomlinson-Harrison-Hill on the line; Vernon-Ogletreee-Goodson-Martin in the linebacker unit; Jenkins and Apple as the starting corners; and William Gay as the slot corner.

Pat Says: Hey William.  I think given that Roger Lewis didn’t get many, if any reps with the starting offense, that is a big clue and a sure sign that Lewis’ roster spot isn’t secure.

Pat Says: Great question, Reggie. In Shurmur, I see a father-like figure—a guy who is there or his players, but who isn’t necessarily their buddy to where he can’t discipline them if he needs to. As Damon Harrison said, everyone is excited because it’s a new way of thinking and doing things. I happen to think, based on what I’ve seen, that Shurmur is going about things the right way and is setting a good example about what it means to be a professional for his players.

Pat Says: Wow, that’s a tough question because we haven’t seen guys in pads yet. On defense I’m thinking a cornerback has a good shot of sticking—Grant Haley is a name to watch. On offense? I’m not really sure I have a pick there for you. Maybe running back Robert Martin if they keep four running backs, but I need to see more from him.