New York Giants Reader Mailbag | The “Wake Us from this Nightmare” Edition

It’s been a long and disappointing season for the New York Giants and their fans–and they’re only through half of their 16-game schedule.

Understandably, Giants fans have given up on the current season thanks to the team’s 107 record that brings with it almost no chance for a playoff berth this season. With an eye toward the future, let’s see what is on the minds of Giants fans this week.

Pat Says: I think this team has hit rock bottom already. The blowout loss to the Rams, the strife in the locker room…I mean how much worse can it realistically get?

As for this weekend, on paper they should beat the 49ers, but if they do lose and it’s another blowout, then all bets are off. If however they lose and it’s a competitive game, that might be a bit easier to swallow for management.

Pat Says: I think due to injuries, the majority of the young players are getting extended playing time. I’d personally like to see how far along Chad Wheeler and Davis Webb have come–really they’re the only two young players whom we haven’t seen much of. Whether we will remains to be seen, but as of now, I’m not counting on it.

Pat Says: Stability. Now I know that sounds like a double-edged sword because you can’t really say the franchise is on stable ground now, but by stability I mean you pretty much know what you’re going to get with Reese as far as rebuilding the roster.

As for the coaching staff, you have a 36-year-old quarterback. If you scrap McAdoo and his assistants, you now have to start all over again with a new playbook on both sides of the ball.

While there are pros to that–look at how the Rams have flourished with a new head coach, for example–there are also cons, and the biggest con is you might have to sweep out guys who still have value but whose skills aren’t necessarily a fit.

Pat Says:  In this instance, no, I do not agree with trading down. You have a chance at landing a blue-chip quarterback or left tackle. Now maybe once the juniors declare and we have a better picture of who will be available (which is a reason why I don’t like to talk draft this early), the philosophy changes. But as of now, I stay put if I have a top 5 pick next spring.

Pat Says: I’m not sure exactly what your criteria for “worst contract” is, but if we’re talking money vs. ROI (return on investment), Jason Pierre-Paul’s deal isn’t looking too smart at the moment, though to be fair, you wonder if he’s a little more banged up than anyone is letting on.

Still, with a $7.5 million cap hit this year and only 4.5 sacks to his name so far, which ties his rookie year total garnered in 16 games when he WASN’T a starter, that’s a problem.

It’s also a problem if you consider that in 12 games played the year before, he recorded 7.0 sacks, so you would have thought that if he can make it through a 16-game season, he’d have far better production than he’s had so far.

Also worth noting, in case you’re of the “sacks aren’t everything” school of thought, is JPP has 7 quarterback hits through eight games. Last year he had 17 in 16. So there has definitely been a drop in his production this year for some reason.

Pat Says: I think the Giants will tender Brett Jones, a restricted free agent and let Richburg walk in free agency. When I look at both centers, I see guys with nearly identical skill sets, so in this case, I wouldn’t fault the Giants for going with the younger and cheaper option.

Pat Says: John, first off, no team is going to fire scouts after the season. If anything, you’ll see scouts moved after the draft as to fire scouts mid-way through the college scouting process would be suicide. Would a new general manager, if hired, be ready to hit the ground running? Absolutely. but again, you wait until after the draft to make significant changes to your scouting department.

Pat Says: No, I don’t think there was a conspiracy there. I think in the case of DRC, you had a guy who lost his cool and who admitted he handled bad news the wrong way. In the case of Jenkins, you had a guy who maybe overestimated his importance to the team by pushing the envelope and doing what he wanted to do.

Pat Says: I would think so. I mean they better given the injuries at the position. I think Sheppard will be the starting MLB in the base defense. And I think Skinner will play in certain sub packages.

Pat Says: If I read you correctly, yo\u’re asking if Josh McDaniels might be ready to be a head coach in this league. I certainly expect that he’ll get a look once again by teams. Will he get a look from the Giants?

We’re all assuming that McAdoo is definitely gone after this year, and as I keep telling you guys and gals, nothing is going to be carved in stone by ownership until after the season. I think as we get closer to the end of the season, then we might have a better feel for what might happen.

Via E-mail from Carl M.

Could the Jets (in an ironic twist) give the Giants a template on staying the course with Ben McAdoo as a coach regardless of the results this season? Last year, the Jets came off a playoff season and had high expectations. Instead, they spiraled out of control with players being late, appearance of quitting, and the general sense of a team out of control. Blame was put on Todd Bowles (similar to McAdoo right now).

Rather than fire Bowles, the Jets kept him and flushed out star personalities who may have contributed to the “poor culture” (Darrell Revis, Sheldon Richardson, Brandon Marshall). They were projected to win no more than three games in 2017. However, they have done far better than expected and give a quality effort each week. Even if the Giants finish terribly here, could management conclude the players are the issue rather than McAdoo and keep him similar to what Jets did?

Pat Says: Carl, I believe you are on to something here. When you think about it, what the Jets did was strip away all the fancy and expensive window dressing that wasn’t adding any value to the overall “house” if you will and replaced that window dressing with newer, more affordable models that solidified their foundation. Even if it hadn’t worked as well as it has, it was the right approach and one I could see making sense of the Giants.

Now, in the case of McAdoo, I think the jury is still out on him, I know there are many people who say if you toss out Reese, you have to toss out McAdoo, but I don’t necessarily agree with that philosophy, not if you’re going to keep Eli Manning another season (what good would it do to have Manning learn another offense at this point in his career?)

I don’t want to go too deep into what moves I would make just yet because I’m saving that analysis for later in the year. However, I could see the Giants drafting a franchise quarterback  if they don’t think Webb is the guy (and quite honestly, I’m not sure if he is or isn’t as I think it’s unfair to judge him considering we haven’t seen him since the summer). I also think they need just a couple of tweaks on the offensive line and they might have something there.

Defensively, I’d redo the two units that the team didn’t really touch last offseason–the linebackers and cornerbacks.  And assuming this team gets a new general manager (big assumption given their history), I might see about moving one of the running backs I have under contract to maybe pick up an extra draft pick on Day 3 so I can start rebuilding some of the depth that the current administration has struggled to solidify.