New York Giants Twitter Mailbag: The Bye Week Edition

It’s the bye week blues for New York Giants fans. So i this week’s mailbag, we not only take questions regarding the team, we decided to open it up to some other off-topics of interest.

Pat Says: Interesting question.  I would say OL Zach Martin in Round 1 and WR Davante Adams in Round 2. They needed an offensive lineman then (they drafted Weston Richburg in the second round) and they could have used a receiver as well. So I think both picks might have worked for them had the draft fallen a different way.

Pat Says:  I prefer to stay away from the city and hang in the ‘burbs where I have found restaurants, theater and arts, and other cultural offerings to be just as good as any you’d find in the city (and a lot cheaper too).

Pat Says: Absolutely. I think that was their plan, but no one really stepped up and declared himself as that third defensive end. I do like what I’ve seen of Avery Moss and wonder if he can be that guy, but until such time when a third defensive end steps up, I fear they’ll have to run Pierre-Paul and Vernon down to a nub.

Pat Says: I believe he will. It might be in a mop-up role, mind you, but I do think he’ll get a chance if and when the time is right.

I received a bunch of questions about firing Jerry Reese and/or Ben McAdoo, so I chose one question from the batch and gave as thorough of an answer as I could.

Pat Says: I think McAdoo is back regardless of how the rest of the year unfolds UNLESS–and this is a big IF–his players quit on him. He’s inexperienced but he’s learning on the job, and if I’m ownership, I don’t give up on him yet.

I can’t say the same for Reese. He has been the GM of this team for 10 years. He’s had several bad drafts and has made several poor personnel decisions that I believe have set this franchise back several years.

Thanks to the poor draft decisions under his, they had to spend boatloads on Mulligans (Olivier Vernon for Damontre Moore, Janoris Jenkins for Prince Amukamara, and Damon Harrison for Marvin Austin) which in turn left them with not enough to compete financially this year for offensive linemen or to re-sign Hankins. It’s been a vicious cycle and it needs to be broken.

Also worth noting: After 2013, the Giants changed their offensive coordinator. After 2014, they changed their defensive coordinator. After 2015, they changed their head coach. Last year they all got a reprieve, but this year they’re back to what has sadly become the norm since 2011. What didn’t change over that period?

The GM and the special teams coordinator. And my guess is Tom Quinn is safe.

Pat Says: The best was Super Bowl XLII and it’s not even close. In fact, that whole playoff run was by far the best stretch of my 20+ seasons on the beat.

Worst? I’d say the Trey Junkin playoff game was probably the most frustrating one. I still don’t know how they blew that one.

Pat Says: Is it October 31 yet? Seriously, no, they’re not trading either of their defensive ends. You don’t trade a guy who has guaranteed money in his contract (which both OV and JPP have for this year). That solves NOTHING. plus it creates another hole on a team that right now can’t afford any more holes.

Pat Says: I agree. Tony Romo has brought it to this TV gig. He’s well-spoken, very well prepared, and I think he seeks to educate the viewers on the nuances of the game.

Pat Says: No. First, the head coach has already said he’s not interested in playing Webb now, so you can forget that. Second, I would be stunned if the Giants cut Eli Manning if he’s still healthy and if he still wants to play. Yes, the Giants are going to need cap space next year, but there are other ways to get it.

Pat Says: I like Jones. Does he have his limitations? Sure. But I think he’s emerged as a viable option should Weston Richburg want more than the Giants are willing to pay.

Pat Says: Why does everyone seem to be obsessed with trading down? You do that when you have a lot of holes to fill. While this team currently has a lot of holes, some of those will be fixed when they get a healthy set of receivers, a healthy Olivier Vernon, and healthy cornerbacks.

As for why everyone wants to draft a quarterback, if you don’t have a franchise quarterback or if your franchise quarterback is approaching the end of his career, you grab a quarterback and don’t think twice about it. Ideally, you don’t want to be picking in the top 10 or even the top 5 every year, so that’s one way to help yourself moving forward.

Pat Says: Hi Patricia (great name, BTW). Yes, my understanding is that Eli has different options he can call off a single play that’s sent into the huddle and that he can audible if the defense is showing him something he doesn’t like. I couldn’t’ tell you how often he does that but I do know it happens.

Pat Says: I don’t want to speak for ownership since it’s the other Pat who gets paid to do that. Here’s what I see in McAdoo, though (and I’m being serious). I see drive, passion, organization,  and a plan. Is McAdoo perfect? No, and I’m working on an essay that outlines one of his most concerning imperfections.

With that said, I don’t see the reincarnation of Ray Handley in McAdoo, not by a long shot. I see a young head coach who is still growing into this role. And just as you wouldn’t give up on a young player who is slow to get his career on track, you don’t’ give up on a young head coach, not without at least seeing a bigger sample size to draw a definite conclusion.

Pat Says: From a personal perspective, I don’t like to see anyone lose their job unless they have made a mockery of things. From what I have heard about Girardi, that hasn’t been the case.

Pat Says: You would think so, and this is an argument I raised in my latest Bleacher Report article. I’m perplexed as to why we haven’t seen more of Vereen on third down.

Pat Says: This team has made just two in-season trades dating back to the late 1980s, for running back Ottis Anderson and for linebacker Jon Beason. This team has already given up a seventh-round pick for Ross Cockrell. So like it or not—and I know most of us don’t like it—what they have is what they’re going to roll with at receiver.

Does that mean I agree? In this case, no. I would offer Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie instead of a draft pick because my gut feeling is DRC gets cut after this year anyway, so why not get something for him rather than to cut him loose? But I doubt they make that move.

Pat Says: Lawrence Taylor in his prime. Besides being a game-changer, he knew how to get his teammates fired up. Harry Carson would be a close second–in fact, I’d take any of those great linebackers (Brad Van Pelt, Carl Banks, Pepper Johnson, etc.) because it’s been so long, you know?