READER MAIL BAG | The “End of the Miserable Season is Near” Edition

What’s on the minds of New York Giants fans this week? Let’s find out.

Pat Says: My gut feeling is the team ants to retain Kevin Abrams in some capacity. Abrams is a whiz at managing the salary cap and if nothing else, I can see him retaining that job. I’m not sure how well versed or experienced he is in personnel evaluation so I am not confident that he’ll be the full time general manage now.

I could maybe see a scenario where if the new general manager is Dave Gettleman, Abrams succeeds him, but right ow I think the team needs someone with experience who can go in there and weed out the coaching and player personnel staff and get that back on track.

Pat Says: I haven’t heard his name mentioned in connection with the Giants job other than by fans, sbut I have heard and read many great things about him, so I suppose if he desires a general manager job, there might be one that pops up with his name written all over it.

Pat Says: Oh, there will be a lot to do this offseason for sure, but there will be more breaks sprinkled in. The good thing about the offseason is I can do the majority of the work that needs to be done in the comfort of my own home and I can get back to going to the workout class I like to attend.

Pat Says: Effort. Any player who is out there and not busting his hump shouldn’t be here next year. But I think the biggest takeaway will be player health. They’re playing with a lot of banged up bodies out there and I’m curious to see how ling the offseason surgery list is going to be.

As for Davis Webb, yes, it would help to see him play, but I wonder if they’re playing that card close to the vest so that they put themselves in a better position in case they want to trade down. I have been impressed with Dalvin Tomlinson’s play this year, but not so much so with Daria Thompson’s. I don’t see the playmaking ability the coaches said he had, but I wonder if his foot was an issue. Until I hear otherwise, I will maintain that Andrew Adams is the better player at that spot.

Pat Says: I think we need to table draft related questions until we know who the new general manager is and which juniors will be declaring.

Pat Says: Football is a physically violent game. I’m really not sure why fans act surprise when it comes to injuries because as one former player once told me, each play is like putting yourself through a vicious car wreck. Sometimes a team gets lucky and it doesn’t lose people like crazy. But if you look around the league throughout the years, injuries aren’t necessarily limited to just the Giants.

Pat Says: Absolutely. But as I have said countless times, I would include a per game roster bonus I his next deal. If he’s inactive for whatever reason, then it’s better to get a cap credit at the end of the year than to shell out the money and not get a return on the investment.

Pat Says: No. I think it’s either going to be Eli Manning, Davis Webb or a draft pick. And my money now is on Eli.

Pat Says: Interesting question. In the past I would have said no because th Giants haen’t had a good linebacker unit now in like forever. But I recently began to think about what might be if they can improve the linebacker unit and maybe convert Olivier Vernon into an OLB.

Then I wake up from that day-dream because I don’t think they will switch to a 3-4, but again, that all depends on the next coaching staff. As for how the Giants win this week, I did a quick write-up here on that.

Pat Says: I think so. Next year you have a new coaching staff coming in and a new general manager, so everyone will have a clean slate. Now the only thing that needs to be resolved is any hard feelings that might exist with teammates; if Eli Apple can work toward that and show his teammates that he’s truly with them, I could see his career going the path of Corey Webster’s, who, if you recall, had it tough under Tim Lewis but who flourished when Steve Spagnuolo came to town in 2007.

Pat Says: I can’t speak for the second floor of the Giants facility since we’re not allowed up there, so that means I can’t answer your question about Jerry Reese. As far as the first floor of the building, I have senses the locker room as being slightly more energetic since the caching change was made. Steve Spagnuolo has made a few tweaks to the rules  that from the outside looking in, it seems the players have embraced.

Now the drawback is that they still haven’t won a game, but I would say that last week’s effort against the Cowboys was probably one of the strongest I’ve seen in some time not from a scoring perspective, but in how well they fought. Lat note. I don’t think anyone affiliated with the team is “happy” to see two otherwise hard-working men lose their jobs regardless of how they might have interacted with people. And if anyone does feel that way, then shame on him.