Reader Mailbag: The “Who’s it Gonna Be?” Edition

Dave Gettleman? Louis Riddick? Someone else? That seems to be on the minds of Giants fans this week as the team confirms those men they have interviewed for their vacant general manager position. But along with questions about who it’s going to be are questions about the roster and how it might look next year.

Keep in mind that without knowing who the general manager is going to be and who the head coach is going to be, I can’t get a firm handle on answering that. What I have done though is give you my opinion on those questions.

And before I forget… let me say thank you to everyone for a wonderful year. No, the Giants season wasn’t fun, but thanks to our readers, you helped make it a lot more bearable.

Happy holidays from the Inside Football Team: Patricia Traina, Bob Folger, Mike Ianaconi, Lee Duckers, and Molly the Dog.

Pat Says: It can’t. However, what those eight reps are designed to do, as I understand it, is put the starting offense against the starting defense. Usually in a practice, the starting offense works against the scout defense. So it’s a different look for a young quarterback when he goes against the caliber of defense he might face in a game, even if there isn’t a live pass rush.

Pat Says: Great question Curtis.  I would say John Jerry, Dwayne Harris and Brandon Marshall are three who come to mind. I did put together using the good old fashioned pen and paper, a lists of moves I would make along with the savings so I just need to get that all typed up which I’ll be doing soon enough.

I also did something on the cap credits that are coming the Giants way and a few other tweaks to the salary cap that I believe might take place.  I’ll be typing all that up in the coming days, so be sure to watch for that.

Pat Says: I can’t speak for team ownership and I also think we can’t assume that just because Louis Riddick wanted Josh McDaniels last year, that he still wants him as his No. 1 should he become the next general manager.

I’m not sure I want McDaniels, to be honest. I would much rather they bring in a disciplinarian type of coach as I believe the Giants locker room culture moved away from much of what Tom Coughlin implemented.  I am intrigued by Riddick, but I wonder if given his inexperience as a GM, that might mean the Giants would have to split the job in half (personnel and football operations), which I don’t get the sense would be the ideal way to go.  .

Pat Says: I’m really not sure why this is befuddling. The way the Giants have always done things is to open up vacancies to internal candidates internally. They did this when they had a vacancy on the public relations staff (and hired from within to fill one of the positions) and I’m sure they’ve done it for other positions int he organization as well.

And just because Ross got an interview doesn’t mean the’s going to get the job. Seriously, let’s calm down about this; nothing to see here other than the team extending a courtesy to a long-time employee.

Pat Says: I would think Goodson will have a role on the defense next year, but that depends on the next head coach.Who knows if they will stick with a 4-3 or switch to a 3-4.

When healthy, I’ve liked hat I have seen from Goodson and I think he’ll be a good one. but he needs to kick the injury bug to the curb and my biggest concern with him is that because he plays the game so hard, that he might be prone to more injury in his career. I hope not, but we’ll see.

Pat Says: Without knowing who the head coach will be, I can’t really say for sure. I do think the linebackers are going to be overhauled, if for no other reason than most of them are set to hit free agency and i don’t see many of them back (maybe Kennard, but that’s about it).

I suspect they might revamp the depth at cornerback as well, and I sure would like to see Avery Moss get more of an opportunity to be the third defensive end. So yeah, I guess you could say more than just a few token changes are likely to happen.

Pat Says: They’re not trading Odell or Eli Manning , Jared. First, he’s coming off a major injury so who in their right mind would take that gamble after seeing how Victor Cruz bounced back from a major injury to his lower body? No one. Second, you let Odell play out 2018 and then you see where things are with him.

Pat Says: Don’t believe everything you see/read, Reggie.  Many, many years ago the giants drafted another young quarterback int he third round who served as a backup for a few seasons before wining a super bowl for them–Jeff Hostetler. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a repeat here where you have an aging veteran (Phil Simms then, Eli Manning now) play out the string and then have the younger backup step in when ready. And I also wouldn’t be stunned if the Giants trade down this year. This is without a doubt the time to do it.

Pat Says: No on a quarterback, no on trading Odell, stay with Manning and Webb, mot definitely fix the offensive line and not sure about Saquon Barkley.  I’d have to see how free agency goes because early indications are that it’s another weak class for offensive tackles. So let’s see how they approach the offensive line before I sign up for Barkley because it won’t matter of they don’t fix the line.

Pat Says: Way too early to be guessing this one. It all depends on who the head coach and GM are for starters and what the injury situation looks like at the end of training camp. Also, remember, Geno Smith is a UFA after this year, so there’s no guarantee he returns.

Pat Says: What’s up Saulo? Happy holidays! We don’t get to see much of practice during the season, so I can’t offer you anything s to how Webb has developed since the summer. What I can tell you is I’ve heard glowing praise about the young man, with some people calling him “Eli Jr.” (I suppose that’s a reference to his budding skill set and how he approaches the game.) With a new coaching staff coming in this year, we’ll get an extra minicamp, so I’ll certainly be able to get more on Webb if we’re granted access.