Reese: Webb Can Wait This Year

General manager Jerry Reese echos head coach Ben McAdoo’s sentiments about waiting to find out how rookie quarterback Davis Webb might fare in a  live NFL game. 

On Monday, head coach Ben McAdoo said that he had no intention right now to find out what the franchise has in rookie quarterback Davis Web, the team’s third-round draft pick, adding that if it came to that, he’d have a discussion with upper management.

General Manager Jerry Reese seems fine with the plan to wait on Webb and to stick with long-time starter Eli Manning.

“Right now, we have nine games to play,” he said. “We’ve been left for dead by a lot of people, but don’t count us out yet. We’re going to go into the second half of the season, give it everything we have, do some self-evaluations and figure out what we can do better, what things we have done good, what we’ve done bad, how can we manufacture and win football games. That’s where our focus is moving forward now.”

The problem with Reese and McAdoo’s thinking is that the chances of the Giants running the table are slim, as are their chances of making it back to the playoffs, not with a roster that has been depleted by injuries and that has grossly underperformed.

Further, with the Giants likely heading toward a top-10 draft pick—maybe even a top-5 which would put them in excellent shape to get their next franchise quarterback—shouldn’t they at least find out what they have now in Webb, on whom they spent a third-round draft pick this year so that they can maybe devote their draft resources next year to other areas of need?

Reese didn’t dispute that there will be a time to learn more about Webb. It just won’t be anytime soon.

“At some point, but when is that some point?” he said. “It’s not right now because we’re going to fight with everything we have with these nine games left and hopefully we can turn our season around.”

Manning, who said he’s not bothered by critics who have began to question his abilities, echoed Reese’s optimism about the remaining nine games on the schedule.

“Yeah. I think we can win some games and it starts each and every one,” he said. “Just have a great game plan, understand what that is and how we’re going to have to play and I think we’ve done a decent job of hanging in games.

“These last couple weeks when we lost some guys and really the last five games, we’ve been right there in them until the last seconds of games, last quarters of games. So, we understand. We got a good defense. We got to rely on them. We have to do better offensively, get some big plays, do better getting some explosive plays, get to the fourth quarter and then make the plays there to win the game.”