Understanding Your Account/Subscriptions

Have a question about what you’re subscribed to? Want to know when your subscription is ending? Need to change your email/mailing address? Read on for more information.

Let’s have a look at your new subscriber account dashboard.

Home (item # 1)

This brings you back to the home screen of your account page, which is personalized with your user ID. Here is where you can update your mailing information, including your email address. You can also change your account password (down at the bottom of the page) and update your e-mail address. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the most current information on file for you!

Subscriptions (item # 2)

This page shows you what you are subscribed to, the status of your subscription (a green YES means you can access the material), the date your subscription was created (for the first entry, you will see the date we added your account into the new system), your subscription’s expiration date and a RENEW link you can use if you want to renew your subscription online.

What Happens When you Click RENEW?

The above screen capture illustrates what happens when you go to renew your subscription online. Many of our subscribers wish to re-order what they had the previous year, so by clicking the link, they can do so quick and easy.

You will have three payment options: PayPal, Check/Money Order (if you wish to pay by mail) and Credit Card. Select the payment option you want and provide the requested information. Your payment information is securely encrypted.

If you are looking to subscribe to the print edition of our newsletter (delivery by first-class mail) we have our old ordering system handling that function. View that old system, which is also secured, here.

Payments (item #3)

This tells you when you subscribed, the amount you paid, what package you signed up for, how the order was placed (if you see MANUAL, which you will for your initial subscription line, that means we input the order for you), your account status (COMPLETE means you’re good to go as far as accessing your material; EXPIRED means your subscription has ended), and your invoice number.

We have set up our system to issue periodic email reminders beginning one month before your subscription is set to expire. If you wish to renew, you can do so online or call us; once you have renewed, the reminders will stop. If you don’t wish to renew, just ignore the reminders.

Logout (item #4)

This is self-explanatory. However we do advise you to log out of your account if you are accessing it via a public computer.