Weston Richburg Gutted Out 2016 with Hand Injury

Gritty center played through torn ligaments in his snapping hand.

If you thought Giants center Weston Richburg looked “off” last season, your eyes weren’t deceiving you.

The veteran center revealed today that he played the entire 2016 season with multiple torn tendons in his snapping hand, an injury he first suffered in the Giants’ second preseason game. 

“I had some hand stuff going in. I had to get my hand operated on,” he said Thursday during the team’s first media session of the 20127 offseason. “That’ll be good this year. I’ll be ready to go. I’m feeling a lot better than I was last year.”

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Richburg said he fully expects to be a full participant in the upcoming OTAs that begin next month. Although he’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, he said his next contract is the furthest thing on his mind.

“I’m not really looking at anything contract-wise,” he said. “I’m just looking at how last year went. I’m a much better player than I was last year. That’ll be motivation for me going into this year.”

So will the Giants abrupt exit from the playoffs last year.

“I don’t think we hold on to it,” he said. “It didn’t end the way we wanted it to. I think we hold on to it from that standpoint and use it as motivation to carry into this year to progress and get even deeper in the playoffs this year.”

As for all the other stuff, Richburg said he’s dialed in to improving his game, having recently looked at tape of the good and bad.

“We spent the last two days, watching negative plays and dissecting,” he said. “You find a lot of things that you want to get better at. That’s the only good thing about watching those. You get a list of things you need to improve on.”

Such as?

“All around. There were things that I took from every aspect of my game that I saw that I can improve. Definitely going to work on that this offseason and into this year.”

While the contract is on the back burner, Richburg admitted that if he doesn’t work to fix the issues in his game that he saw on film from last year, it’s a moot point.

“I can only control what I can control. If I don’t take care of business, I’m not going to see anything like that. I’m going to work on myself, do everything I can to make myself better and in turn, make our team better.”