Why Do I Keep Getting a Math Puzzle When I Try to Sign In?

Inside Football’s website is set up to prevent malicious and unauthorized users from trying to break in to compromise its data and content.

Unethical hackers usually attempt to access websites using an automated program, known as a “Bot” (short for Robot) to randomly try different user IDs and password combinations to access an administrative account.

To prevent this, our website host has a built-in security feature in which if someone or something tries to access an account in rapid succession, they will be asked to solve a math problem.

If you find yourself in a loop, this means you’re trying to access your account too quickly and the system is viewing the access attempts as an unethical bot trying to break in.

There is another possible reason why you are experiencing this error.

If you have checked REMEMBER ME when logging in, and then try to log in again on another day, the system will put you in that loop because it has remembered you logged in on a different day and now sees another attempt to access your account as being suspicious.

The good news is this problem eventually resolves itself; the bad news is you do have to give it a little time for the system to re-set itself. (When we’ve had it happen to us, we find that if we close out of our web browser and wait about a half hour, the problem goes away.)

You can avoid encountering this problem by jotting down your user ID and password on a piece of paper and storing it someplace near your computer (we have a little Post-it note attached to our monitor for this purpose. By correctly entering your login credentials, you should be able to get into your account.